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Main topics of P&V Talks, International Conference on Industrial Fluid & Process Technologies:

It is an excellent opportunity to find out the latest in the handling of fluids and process technologies with the best success stories, real solutions and projects underway. There will be leading experts who will explain their experiences to visitors in fields related to: Engineering, Energy, Petrochemical, Oil&Gas or the food industry, among other contents.

1. Current situation and post-COVID-19 trends in industrial sectors worldwide

2. Challenges and innovative solutions for improving the environment, efficiency, reliability, and safety

  • New developments in equipment for industrial processes, valves, pumps, new materials, etc.
  • Latest breakthroughs in emission control and reduction of pollutants in the industry
  • Technological solutions for the efficient use of low-cost and high-performance clean energies
  • Circular economy and waste recovery

3. Challenges and opportunities in Cycle Change Engineering projects (EPC)

  • State of the sector and the environment
  • Some unique projects

4. Technological solutions for the connectivity and digitalisation of fluid transport facilities

  • Control devices and process interlocks
  • Application of new connectivity, automation and digitalisation technologies (IoT, Machine Learning, AI, robotics, etc.). Projects underway

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