Valuekeep introduce a new maintenance dashboard library to add-on offer
Valuekeep introduce a new maintenance dashboard library to add-on offer

Valuekeep Analytics is a new add-on that features an interactive dashboard library accessible from anywhere.

Valuekeep announces the release of Valuekeep Analytics, a new add-on featuring a powerful library of dashboards that provide real-time reports on Assets, Costs, Issues, Work and Spare Parts directly from the company's maintenance software. This new product adds value to the decision making of maintenance managers, as well as facilitates the control of all the performance indicators of the maintenance department.
Built and processed with Microsoft Power BI, Valuekeep Analytics offers 5 fully interactive and easily accessible maintenance dashboards from anywhere, for both web and mobile views.
In relation to the Assets Dashboard, the maintenance manager can access more detailed information on the type of failures and the availability/unavailability details of each asset.
On the other hand, in the Work Dashboard, there is the possibility of controlling all the activity of the technicians and work centers, based on data from the reports related to the hours worked and work orders executed of each one.
The Issues Dashboard allows the maintenance manager to analyze maintenance requests by location, by asset or by priority level. It also indicates the status and type of incident in question.
In the new version, Valuekeep has been dedicated to the creation of a Costs Dashboard where managers can find not only reports on the costs of maintenance operations during a certain period of time but also the costs per asset. This dashboard allows managers to search for all expenses by type of maintenance, labor, among others.
Another great feature is the Spare Parts Dashboard that contains simplified information on all consumption of spare parts in stock. These indicators provide maintenance managers with a more accurate view of the costs of parts used and, in the same way, make it easier for them to manage their stock.
All maintenance dashboards and KPIs comply with international maintenance standards (Maintenance Key Performance Indicators EN 15341:2007). The new add-on is available exclusively for the UNIVERSE subscription plan, for an additional £15 per month.
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