Valuekeep launches geolocation features for mobile CMMS application
Valuekeep launches geolocation features for mobile CMMS application

The Valuekeep team continues to develop new features to improve the mobile CMMS application - an add-on to Valuekeep's maintenance management solution - with the main objective to become an essential and functional tool for maintenance teams in the field.
The geolocation and map features are the latest features of Valuekeep Mobile. This technology allows technicians to register assets and locations as well as access all work orders assigned to them from the map viewing. In addition, maintenance managers can view the location where each technician carried out the last maintenance work, which gives them an overview of the geographical availability of each maintenance expert on the ground.
For Maintenance Services Providers, Building Management, Renewable Energy and Transportation and Logistics businesses, the new features of Valuekeep Mobile are particularly important, especially for those that have technical teams in the field managing a number of maintenance operations across several locations. By having access to this type of features, maintenance teams can, for example, easily locate the sites and send technical assistance immediately to the right location, by using the drag & drop option.
With this, we understand that geolocation significantly improves the efficiency of maintenance operations and the productivity of technical teams in the field.
The Valuekeep Mobile app is available for smartphones (Android ®, Windows 10 ® and soon available for iOS ), tablets and computers.
Check out all the new features that geolocation has added to Valuekeep Mobile modules:
Asset Management
  • Navigation on Google Maps to find directions of assets or locations. This functionality is crucial for maintenance service providers that have multiple customers across multiple locations.
Work Report
  • Integration with Google Maps navigator so that technicians are able to know the directions to the asset or location (essential for customers who have multiple locations or who serve multiple customers).
  • Ease of access to work order-related information from the map view.
Work Management
  • Assignment of work orders to maintenance technicians through the drag & drop option on the map.


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