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150000 YAROSLAVL, (Federación Rusa)
Teléfono: 0074852595835


Sergey Tkachenko




Scientific  research and manufacturing company "REGULATOR" is a specialized enterprise for the design and production of pipeline valves for the oil and gas industry, power plants and chemical enterprises

Our products

•Control and on-off valves (including anti-surge valves) , DN up to 700, PN up to 250
•Safety valves and blocks of safety valves DN up to 300, PN up to 320
•Cryogenic valves for t up to –268°C
•Diaphragm actuators
•Electro-pneumatic smart positioners

It was established in 2012 in Yaroslavl, Russia

Number of employees – 220 people

Product design of any complexity

Full production cycle

Testing and quality control

Computerized test benches DN 150, DN 400, DN800 for density, strength, tightness, service life tests; pressure up to 600 bar

Armoured chamber for air tests with pressure up to 350 bar

Hydraulic ring with digital measuring system for checking of flow characteristics of control valves, setting and testing of high-speed valves

Cold chamber for tests at t up to -65°C

Certified laboratory
all types of nondestructive testing + destructive testing

Sector visitante al que se dirige el expositor

  • Petroquímico: LNG Plants
  • Energía: LNG Transportation
  • Oil & Gas: Refineries

Países de interés

  • España
  • Marruecos
  • Argelia

Categorías de productos

  • Válvulas de control / Neumáticas
  • Válvulas de control / Eléctricas
  • Válvulas / De aguja
  • Válvulas / Macho
  • Válvulas / De émbolo
  • Válvulas / Antirretorno
  • Válvulas / Válvulas de seguridad

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